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Education Programme

The weaker sections of SC, ST, Minorities and OBC have limited access to education due to their wretchedfinancial condition, ignorance and inadequate infrastructural facilities. The family heads are interested inengaging their wards in work to ensure earning support for their families. We are extending our helpinghand for educational support to those ill-fated families. During the reporting period we have run thefollowing Education programme.

Creche Center

The weaker sections of SC, ST, Minorities and OBC are less interested on education rather in engagingtheir wards in work to ensure earning support for their families for their children due to their wretchedfinancial condition, ignorance. During the reporting period we have been running 10 crèche centres 05centres at Kulpi Block & 05 centres at Nabadwip Block) for uncared 263 children who enrolled in thecrèche centers (under the sponsorship of C.S.W.B. through W.B.S.W.B.) The performance of our crèchecentres are highly appreciated by the communities for its excellence.

Pre Primary Education

The objective of Pre-primary education has become very popular with the people around our area. Wehave improved leaps and bounds in this effort. 06 centers are running with a total of 152 children of 3-6years of age at Kulpi & Madarihat-Birpara Blocks. These students are exclusively from SC, ST, Minoritiesand OBC below the poverty line.

Computer Training Center

We have a Computer training centre where 17 students are imparting training on computer literacy underthe guidance of computer experts. Here we have provided much more practical training for the benefit ofthe students.

Drug Treatment Center

Alcoholism and Drug addictions are gradually increasing among the vulnerable people. Young generationis becoming the victim of these dangerous habits. Beside people’s movement for launching anit-drugcampaign, we have been organizing drug counseling cum treatment centre at Madarihat Block under theDist. - Jalpaiguri where 18 nos. of various sorts of drug addicted persons were treated on regular basisunder the guidance of qualified doctors, nurses and psychiatrists. They are given medicines free of cost tilltheir survival. We are trying to rehabilitate them properly.

Family Counselling Center

The women folk are deprived of human rights in their own family as well as outside. They are neglected inall sphere of life such as education, health care, and economic, social, cultural, political and administrativefields. They survive amidst gender discrimination, exploitation, atrocities and violence. Theirrepresentation in nation building activities are far below expected levels. We have established a FamilyCounseling Centre at Kulpi Block where the distressed and deprived women as well as the men on sameget legal support form reputed legal advisors on different affairs related to their problems under thefinancial assistance and guidance of C.S.W.B.–Govt. of India. Effective protection of the rights of women is guaranteed under the Constitution. The women are victimsof violence of any kind occurring within the family. It provides for immediate and emergent relief towomen in situations of violence of any kind in the home. Physical, sexual, verbal, economic abuse andharassment to meet any unlawful dowry demands are the affairs of domestic violence. We have given moreimportance on the Protection of Women on Domestic Violence.

Awareness Generation Camps

We organized many AGPs where the trained staffs of our organization motivated and inspired mainly thewomen folk with presence of eminent resource persons on under mentioned affairs.

Subject No Of Beneficiary No Of Camps
Mother & Child Health28505
Women Rights & SHG25606
AIDS & Drug37506
Right to Information21504
Medicinal Plants11404
Road Safety Awareness17507
Global Warming12505

Blood Donation Camps

Every year we organize Blood Donation Camp. 55 nos. of village youth donated bloodvoluntarily in this year camp. We congratulate those youth for their activeparticipation. A large number of people were inspired on the camp and they felt thebenefit of blood donation and promised to donate blood further. We have organized YogaCamp on 08 nos. primary schools and secondary schools for the spiritual & physicaldevelopment of the students.

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