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PRANAVANANDA INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL CHANGE (PISC) is a registered, autonomous, non-political,non-sectarians, non-racial voluntary social welfare oriented organization was established in 1989 with thebasic objective of empowering the rural poor people to be united and demand for their legal rights.Initially, PISC was an informal organization. In the year 1985 a group of young boys aged about 17-25 yearstarted with the works of International Philanthropic Organization namely BHARAT SEVASHRSMSANGHA with the direct involvement of their voluntary service. It intended to give the people a nudgewhich might result into realizing the problems, cause of the problems, especially in terms of poverty andinequality in the distribution system, exploitation and causes of silence on the part of the rural poor andunderstanding of the various options to solve these problems.The society not only to work for the rural people but it also started work with the poor people respecting their decisions and giving much value on their plans and actions.


To emerge with multi dimensional activities to achieve a value oriented sustainable society.


The people who can think for their own development and they should be empowered with free choicemaking capacity to resolve their own issues. We have involved the society in all stages of the developmentintervention. We have initiated such an approach that the down-trodden people become more powerful inall aspects. We aimed at encouraging people to words self reliance so that they might themselves fighttheir own misfortune and miseries by indigenous resources.


The principal objective of the organization is to reach people a point from where they can function ontheir own without further help from others. We have simply understood our responsibility to be-

  1. To arrest the cause the poverty.
  2. To irradiate the evils of illiteracy.
  3. To improve the low status of women.
  4. To help sustain community of reduce health hazards.
  5. To make sure that govt. mechanism of the area works better.
  6. To put people in the frontline of development planning.
  7. To facilitate the people to earn a better income.
  8. To promote Games & Sports activities.

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